Start-ups Assessment


As part of the innovation pipeline generation, R&D, Open Innovation and other business teams screen the market for strategically relevant innovative ideas and solutions. Then the short list of more or less mature start-ups follows the scrutiny of technical evaluation. The instinct does the rest.

Today,  89% of partnerships fail.  Top 3 reasons for failures? Unspoken business behaviours of future partners!


“For most companies today,
the only truly sustainable advantage comes
from out-innovating the competition.”

James F. Moore


Pearl4Fit© is our proprietary methodology with algorithms that run up to 43 check points and provide the best path for selected start-ups to work with your organisation. The assessment adds no extra steps in the process and brings unbiased view on the start-up’s strengths and roadblocks to achieving mutual partnership goals.  

Results ? 2 times faster stakeholders endorsement and 40% improvement of partnership success and ROI!



Execution of the assessment takes 7 days. You get a  comprehensive report with independent view  and insights which help you make you partnership or investment choices work!